739 Dolly Parton Pkwy, Sevierville, TN, 37862-3619 
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Less than $5.99
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Full service
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Reviewed by: blackboi2432221 on: 2018/4/11 7:49:31
Reviewed by: whiteboi19219212 on: 2018/4/11 7:48:10
i hate doo doo poo poo in my chinken
Reviewed by: doodoonazi on: 2018/4/11 7:38:36
they ate my dog and then my cat chink chink chink chink chink chunky chink
Reviewed by: jhona672010 on: 2018/4/8 15:09:48
food and service is always great
Reviewed by: cathe_hettinger2008 on: 2015-03-03
My fried rice was hard and chewy like it was from the night before. My chicken and snow peas was re
Reviewed by: Jtaferg2 on: 2013-11-21
Lacey west must be hard to please. The food is always good and the service is as well. We like to or
Reviewed by: laceywest08 on: 2013-05-17
All the reviews to this resturant are WRONG there was not one good meal we got from this place!! The Mongolian Beef and Hot and Spicy Chicken tasted the same. The crab ragoons were horrible and soggy. We will NEVER go back!!
Reviewed by: Howfreeisit on: 2012-12-28
We love the food here! The owner is friendly .
Reviewed by: Howfreeisit on: 2012-12-28
We love the food here! The owner is friendly .
Reviewed by: cameliafish on: 2012-10-05
Delicious food with very friendly staff and owner. The food is always hot and fresh. We drive by 3 o
Reviewed by: ride_with_the_fallen on: 2012-08-22
A+ restaurant..5 stars and 2 big thumbs up. I eat here every week and not once have I ever been Unsatisfied. Food is awesome like always, always clean inside and employees and managers are always at there best! Keep up the good work guys I'll see y'all next week :-)
Reviewed by: iskitoo29 on: 2011-11-12
Great food, the best I've ever had!!!! It is always hot and fresh, made to order. Tina is so nice and goes out of her way to make my favorite dish just the way I like it. Very friendly service with lots of smiling faces. By far my favorite place to eat with nice atmosphere too.
Reviewed by: bigal46boomer on: 2011-10-03
Tina is the most charming person. A new citizen and she's proud of it. Great sense of humor and oh by the way, the foods great.
Reviewed by: havoc58855 on: 2011-09-22
Great place to eat. The owner and staff take care of your every need. The food is exceptional!
Reviewed by: liebojen on: 2011-09-16
BEST Chinese food EVER !!! Everything is always prepared fresh . The people are very sweet . LOVE their egg rolls !!!!
Reviewed by: liebojen on: 2011-09-16
BEST Chinese food EVER !!! Everything is always prepared fresh . The people are very sweet . LOVE their egg rolls !!!!
Reviewed by: vjem12 on: 2011-09-09
overall excellent in every way..........
Reviewed by: vclinton01 on: 2011-09-06
Great food and the best Won Ton Soup I've ever eaten. The wontons are very fresh as well as all the food. I eat there often. Such a treat! VC
Reviewed by: trishntony1 on: 2011-09-06
We have lived here for 6 years and we also live in Florida half the year...by far this is the best food we've ever had!!!!!! Great price, great people, great experience ALWAYS!!! Thank you China 1
Reviewed by: zelma on: 2011-08-26
Best Chinese food in TN. Excellent staff-professional/polite/courteous-Tina, the owner, obtained her American Citizenship and is committed to excellence in business. This is the ONLY Chinese restaurant that I recommend because out of the hundred or so times I've eaten there, be it dine-in/take out or with friends, it was "always" excellent. Richard
Reviewed by: jkaxley on: 2011-08-25
My husband and I take our three children to this restaurant frequently. We love eating there, food is wonderful and always fresh. We also order take out ALOT, the take out is always hot and fresh znd tzste great! For a family that is always on the go this is the greatest place to order out, so beats fast food! Thank you, Kim
Reviewed by: summerf4253 on: 2011-08-25
I fell in love with this little restaurant and we eat here almost on a weekly basis. We love you Mrs. Tina!
Reviewed by: ice1224 on: 2011-08-23
this resturant is best in the world,,,,,, i never ever tasted before,,,,, thanks god to give me a change to meet this resturant in TN,
Reviewed by: jangelo on: 2011-08-21
Been eating here since it opened. Never had a bad meal, and the service is very good. A great place to dine.
Reviewed by: gworden2 on: 2011-08-18
My husband and I have routinely ordered take out at China 1 in this location and it is the best chinese restaurant around. This restaurant is very clean, the people are great, very friendly and accomodating. The food is always great, always receive the correct order and the prices are really really good. The prices are more than reasonable, they are very very economical.
Reviewed by: grogpaw on: 2011-08-18
We eat there on an average of once a week. The food is excellent and the price is right. I'm retired Air Force and have eaten Chinese food all over the world. China 1 is in my top 5 of Chinese eateries.
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
The food here is great, so is the price....ambience isn't too bad either..take-out food tastes better ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Reviewed by: klingercrazy on: 2009-06-02
China 1 has recently hired a new cook and eventhough the food was very good before - it is even better now. Portions are very large and most times even my hearty appetitie needs a to-go box. China 1 is resonably priced and exceeds ...?


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